New This Sale

Mark your calendars for Aug 2nd-6th! Drop off is July 29th-31st!

What's New 

Don't have access to a printer? For $3 Kathleen will print your tags and you can pick them up before the sale. Deadline is July 21st. No exceptions! Card stock will be provided. 

New Referral Program!

For every new consignor you refer, you'll receive an extra 1% of your sale price - up to 5%! Refer 5 new consignors and you'll receive 70% instead of the usual 65%!

New referrals must put your name (FIRST and LAST!) down as their referral source when registering. Also, to qualify, they must bring in at least 25 acceptable items or items valued at $100 or more.

Early Drop Offs

Don't want to store your big items until the sale? Contact Kathleen to arrange an early drop and store!

* You MUST be a registered consignor for the upcoming Back to School sale
* Items you drop off must already be entered into the system and have a TAG on them
* Contact Kathleen to arrange a date, time, and location for drop off. We will take care of transporting and storing them for you from now until the sale. We'll even bring them back to the sale location for you!
* Email Kathleen if you plan on utilizing this new service!

Valet Tagging Service

Want to consign but can never find the time? I'm happy to be rolling out our Valet Tagging Service for this sale! Bring your items to Kathleen and we will take care of things for you. Limited number of spots available! All items must be received by July 7th! A few important things to know -

1. Please familiarize yourself with the items we accept. If you bring more than 5 unacceptable items, there will be a fee for processing those items.

2. Please bring your items in a stackable, closed box labeled with your name. Cardboard boxes are recommended as we cannot promise you will get your box back.

3. The more prep you do, the more you earn!

For more information, please email Kathleen!

Restocking Clothes Too!

We will be restocking for ALL items this sale! There will be restocking appointments available for Thursday, Aug 3rd from 5-7pm. Big items like strollers, swings and large toys sell well and are great for restocking! Restocking consignors are charged a $8 restocking fee. Regular consignors can also restock at no additional charge. All restocks will be by appointment only!

Boo-Boo Boutique

 In our boutique section we will accept items with small imperfections. These items need to be priced accordingly. At drop off if we find a boutique item with a minor imperfection, we will check the pricing and ask if you want it in the Boo-Boo Boutique. Items you tag for the Boo-Boo Boutique, please add a star (drawn or sticker) to your tag so we know. If you have questions about this newer part of the sale, please email me!

Clothing Accepted 

Toys, Baby Gear, Decor, Etc 

If you have any questions regarding what's new this sale, please contact us!


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