Dates & Location 

Spring 2017 Public Sale 

  • Wednesday, Feb 1st - Noon-7pm
  • Thursday, Feb 2nd - 9am-4pm
  • Friday, Feb 3rd - 9am-5pm
  • Saturday, Feb 4th - 9am-8pm
  • Sunday, Feb 5th - 9am-5pm (some items half price!)

Dollar Dash

  • Tuesday, Feb 7th - 7-8pm
  • *Pass will be required to enter. Passes will be given out with purchases during the sale.


4274 Herschel Street, Suite 200 - Directly above Kids Park. Enter in back by stairwell or elevator.

Street parking is available. Please DO NOT park in the Kids Park parking lot or the gourmet take out lot or you will be towed! Ample street parking is available and also near the church across the street. Please leave the lot behind the building open for handicap parking.


NEW Pre-Sale Information 

  • Tuesday, Jan 31st
    • Mega Volunteers 2pm-9pm
    • Super VIP Volunteers 4pm-9pm
    • VIP Volunteers 5pm-9pm
    • All Volunteers 6pm-9pm
    • Consignors 7pm-9pm
  • Wednesday, Feb 1st
    • New Moms 9am-Noon
    • Friends & Family 10:30am-Noon
    • First Responders 11am-Noon

Register as a New Mom 

Register as a New Mom for access to the new mom presale. New moms and grandparents only please. (You are a New Mom if you are expecting, gave birth or adopted a child within the last year.) Limited registrations available!

Register as a First Responder

Register as a First Responder for access to the First Responder presale. First Responders include military, firefighters, police, paramedics, ER doctors & nurses... Registration will close when full !

Our Sponsors

  1. Hello and welcome to the brand new Jump N Jax website. Let me give you a quick tour.

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    This will only show up once but you can skip it by tapping that X in the corner.

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    We hope you'll find out more about us by meeting us in person. Preferably at the next sale. If that isn't feasible then this section of our site can help you out.

    Also, If you have any trouble with the site please let us know over here. Don't worry, you won't hurt our feelings. We know this site might have issues. (it's new, new sites do that.)

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