All Check Ins are by appointment ONLY. Items will be placed on the sales floor as they are brought in as space allows. Once we are full, we will store the remaining drop off items and put them out as space allows during the sale. So sign up here. 

PLEASE ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME FOR DROP OFF. Expect 30 minutes for the average consignor. When you come to the store to drop off your items, please try to keep your items in size and gender order as best you can. This will make the process much quicker! All items must be prepped and tagged before coming to drop off!

Please check all tags printed at home to insure all barcodes are visible and not too dark. Print on white or pastel colored card stock only! Printers should be set to normal and not best. Barcodes printed on the best setting will not scan. Please contact Pamela if you do not have access to a printer. Printing services are available for a nominal fee.

We love little ones, but drop off is easier for all involved if arrangements can be made to not bring them to your drop off appointment.

Restocking Consignors 

After our spots for regular consignors have filled up, we will accept consignors for restocking only.

Restocking Consignors:‚Äč

  • We will accept all items! There is a 250 item limit for restocking consignors.

  • Toys, baby gear, strollers, sports equipment, etc are all acceptable and will sell well, if priced correctly

  • Restocking consignors must have a drop off appointment! You can select an appointment during our regular drop offs and we will store your items until there is room on our sales floor. We also will have restocking drop offs available for Thursday evening.

  • Restocking consignors can volunteer and earn the perks of regular consignors.

  • Restocking consignors may shop the consignor pre-sale.

Pick Up 

Monday August 6 is half off day. If you do not participate in half off OR donating your left overs you may pick up beginning at 9 am.

 If your clothes are half off pick up begins at 8-9 pm Monday 8/6 or Tuesday 11 am - 7 pm. No purchases between consignors is allowed. Items not picked up by the end of pick up will become property of Jump N Jax. No show consignors with items not marked for donation will incur a $15 disposal fee. Your proceeds from the sale will be mailed within 1 week. Be sure to fill out your envelope with your preferred mailing address for your check.