What you need to start:

  • Cardstock (60-67# works best) – you will need one sheet for every 8 items you plan to consign OR Avery Adhesive Labels for stick ons. Do not place adhesive tag over imperfections. If it's an item you still want a hanging tag on you can stick on to a card of your choice.

  • Safety Pins – various sizes or Fine Tagging Gun

  • Zip/Cable ties

  • Zip Top Plastic Bags

  • Clear Packaging Tape

  • Scissors or paper cutter

  • Plastic Hangers (child size hangers up to size 6) adult size hangers ( size 7 and above) you can often get for free at dry cleaners

  • A working printer (or Pamela will print for a small fee)

Gather and Prepare your Items: 

  • Wash, iron if desired, repair buttons, gather loose pieces of toys and do whatever is necessary to ensure that your items are in excellent condition with no stains or missing pieces.

  • Organize into types of clothing and then sizes within the category. (this makes item entry go faster because you can use the same category)

  • Please take a few minutes to make sure your items have not been recalled.

  • Hang clothing so that the hanger looks like a question mark when you are looking at the front of the garment. Plastic children’s hangers should be used for infant through Size 6. Please use full size hangers for clothing sized 7 and above. Most items placed on appropriately sized hangers will not require safety pins, but often sleeveless items, sundresses, etc will require a safety pin or two to stay securely on the hanger.

  • Pants should be hung on appropriately sized pant hangers or attached to regular hangers with larger safety pins at the top. Please do not hang pants doubled over the hanger but rather straight down in full view. Do not use clothes pins to secure pants to hangers, safety pins only please. Items not hung correctly will not be accepted unless it is corrected.

  • Place smaller parts of toys in plastic baggies and attach to toy with tape or zip ties.

  • Boutique clothing items can be ($ 15 or higher) zip tied to hanger, Keep in mind that many shoppers will try clothing on before purchasing. Higher priced shoes can be displayed with just one shoe on the display floor and the other shoe kept behind the counter.

  • Furniture must be assembled by seller and preferably, prior to arriving for check in.

Organize the Items you are Selling: 

  • The more organized you are, the quicker Drop Off will be! If at all possible, sort your items by GENDER and SIZE before you arrive at check in. This will make drop off much faster as everything of the same size and gender will already be together for placement throughout the store. BE SURE TO MAKE YOUR CHECK IN APPOINTMENT HERE.