Instructions entering & tagging items to consign

Computer Entry 

(It’s easy, quick & fun!)

  • Gather your clothing and other items beside you at the computer.

  • Register as a consignor – You will be asked for your name, address, email and you will choose a password.

  • Click enter items. Enter a description, price, size if applicable and donate / discount choices for each of your items using the drop down menus. Do this carefully and accurately. A good rule of thumb is to price items at 25-30% of the retail price new (see pricing tips). You will be able to save your work and come back to it later if you’d like.

  • All items marked for donate will be discounted to 50% off on Half Price Days.

   • Every seller must print their tags onto cardstock paper. Only use white or light colored cardstock. Make sure you select "'heavy          weight" on your printer settings so the toner will set. We now have the option of adhesive tags. Contact us for more info.

  • Please make sure that your seller ID# is printed in the upper left hand corner of each tag and that each tag has a barcode. If you       have problems with either of these requirements, please contact us as soon as possible so we are able to correct your tags prior       to drop-off. These requirements ensure that you will be paid for your items and are very important!

  • You cannot make any hand written or typed changes to the tags. If you need to change any part of your tag, you must edit your       inventory list and print out a new tag.  Also, please do not place two tags on an item!

. • During the printing of your tags, Tags should print 8 tags to a page and should be around 3" x 2 1/4" in size.  If you are               experiencing difficulties in printing your tags, please contact us as soon as possible. We now have the option of adhesive tags.         Contact us for more info. Or check the facebook page for Consignors to Jump N Jax

  • All clothes items must be on wire or round plastic hangers facing left (looks like a question mark when front of garment is facing       you) with pants, shorts, and skirts safety pinned to the top of the hanger for easy viewing. Pin Pants and shorts to top of hanger         or they slide.

  • Safety Pin the tags to the garments upper right side and to the tag's upper right corner.  Please use the smallest size safety pin           possible for attaching the tag. (No straight pins, staples, as they can damage the clothes) You may use a tagging gun but only         under left arm seam or on a label. See video on fb Consignors to Jump N Jax Again, contact us for info on adhesive tags.

  • For Shoes - They can be secured together using shoelaces or clear zip ties. Safety pin the tag through the laces or the zip tie. If         there are no laces, then intertwine the straps to hold the shoes together and place the safety pin around the strap. Leather slips-         on shoes can be secured together with an office clip or string with tag taped to the inside of the shoe or through the string.  We         cannot accept any shoes in baggies.  Please do not secure shoes together with tape as it damaes the shoes.

  * For toys, the tag can be secured flat under packing tape. See acceptable items.

     We now offer a tagging service or a tag printing service.