<<<<< Spring/summer clothing only for SPRING SALE, ALL weather clothing for FALL SALE >>>>>
 < In-season clothing for preemies to junior sizes

 < Junior clothes - THRU Junior 17.
 < Shoes in excellent condition - limit 10 per consignor
 < School uniforms and dance wear
 < Toys, puzzles, games - must be in excellent condition, with all parts, and WORKING BATTERIES INCLUDED
 < Outdoor toys CLEAN - tricycles, toddler bikes, rollerblades, etc
 < Books in good condition - children's books, parenting books, etc.
 < Bedding - pillows, sheets, comforters, dust ruffles, etc.
 < Nursery items - crib sheets, blankets, bumpers, decorations, mobiles, changing tables, crib/dresser sets, etc.
 < Baby furniture and equipment - cribs (no side drop-down cribs), strollers, excersaucers, rockers, bouncy seats, carriers, etc.
 < Sporting goods - equipment, shin guards, baseball gloves, etc.
 < Electronics (with batteries)- Game Boys, Leap Pads, etc.
 < DVDs, CDs, NO VHS, Computer games for children
 < TOYS, TOYS, TOYS!!! They are the best sellers - again, they must have working batteries
 < Boutique clothes, shoes, etc. for girls and boys.

We DO NOT Accept:


  • Flying Radio Controlled (RC) helicopters

  • Any growing toys or household items that resemble jelly candy (eg, polymer water balls)

  • Any metal jewelry for kids or costume jewelry that could be used by children

  • Painted blocks (unless made by a well-known, reputable brand)

  • All strong and rare earth magnet toys, even if intended for adults

  • Toys for children aged 3 to 6 that include small parts, but are missing the choking warning label 

  • Vintage toys, including older die cast cars, dolls or books


  • Homemade toys and kids’ clothes with painted or metal parts, including zippers and snaps (The materials one buys at a fabric or craft store often are not intended for children and may not go through the same testing.)

  • All drawstrings on clothes for kids under 13. Removing the drawstrings makes these items safe to sell

  • All clothes for kids under age 4 that have sewn-on or glued-on decorations (eg, bows, bells, etc.)

Infant Care Items

  • Pacifiers

  • Teethers made of soft, pliable plastic

  • Rattles that appear to be cheaply made (eg, party store or dollar store versions are often meant for decoration, not to be used as toys)

  • Crib bumper pads 

Furniture & Gear

  • Bath seats made prior to 2011.  Suction cup bottoms and missing warning labels are a telltale sign.

  • Cribs that do not have a receipt or a manufacturer date stamp showing that it was purchased new or made in 2012 or later

  • Crib tents

  • Children’s metal folding chairs

  • Play yards / playpens / travel beds / Pack & Plays that do not comply with current safety standards  (If made prior to 2013, check before selling) 

Anything RECALLED or that just does not seem safe!

This is Jennifer Toney’s personal list of items that she would ban from a consignment sale. It is not comprehensive and is not intended to be a legal representation. This list is for informational purposes only, and does not represent company policy.


 Out-of-season clothing

 VHS video tapes
 Stuffed animals - unless they dance, move, talk, etc.
 Clothing and shoes that are not in excellent condition - stained, torn, broken zippers, missing buttons, outdated, etc.
 Battery-operated toys without working batteries
 Handmade items (eg. knitted items)
 Car seats
 Drop-down cribs
 Anything dirty, stained, broken, cracked, or we think will not sell for any other reason

 Recall Information

 While we want to provide fantastic items at great prices, we also want those items to be safe! We ask that each consignor carefully check available r   recall lists before pricing and entering your items. It is the the consignor's responsibility to ensure that each item meets safety standards.