Pricing Tips 

My best advice for pricing is for you to consider the following:

  1. What would you pay for this item, in its current condition?

  2. Do you want to store it and try again if it doesn’t sell or do you plan on donating what doesn’t sell? If you plan to donate it, price it a little bit lower than the price you came up with in the first step.

  3. If the item is more rare or a specialty brand, feel free to price a little higher than the suggested prices below:


Use 1/4th to 1/3rd of retail as your base price. I suggest pricing up for items in great or almost new condition or new with tags. Ironing items (especially cotton) will make for a better presentation and often bring a higher price. Please remember that items in the infant to 12 month range in great condition are plentiful. In order for your items to sell, please consider grouping your items together and pricing them very reasonably to attract buyers. Please be particularly selective in the items you choose to consign in the infant to 12 month range.


Equipment should be clean with no tears or broken pieces and with all safety straps attached. Please be sure all equipment requiring batteries includes batteries at drop off so shoppers can test equipment for proper functioning prior to purchase. Prices below are a range to use as a guideline as retail prices for these items fall within a wide range.

  • Umbrella stroller $4 – $12

  • Stroller $25 – $75

  • Double Stroller $25 – $100

  • Single jogging stroller $35 – $110

  • Double jogging stroller $50 – $130

  • Single travel system $25 – $100

  • Double travel system $30 – $140

  • Exersaucer $15 – $40

  • Pack-n-Play $20 – $75

  • Swing $15 – $70

  • Bouncy Seat $7 – $30

  • High Chair $15 – $50

  • Medela breast pump $25-$50

The above list is only a sample list and does not include all of the items we accept for consignment at the sale. See Acceptable/Unacceptable for more details. Happy Pricing!!