This Spring Donation is going to Susan Baldwin of Middleburg. During Hurricane Irma, her home was completely destroyed with the waters rising to roof level. She had to demolish her home, it was a complete loss. She is having to rebuild. It has been an emotionally charged time and physically challenging, too. FEMA only provided housing for a few weeks. Since then, Susan has had to depend on friends for housing. Susan has a lot of good friends because Susan is a good friend. She has been serving her community for many, many years and is one of the most generous persons I know.

     During the storm, she was more worried about her cats than her home; she could not find them when she had to evacuate and with much sorrow and fear for their safety, had to leave them behind.  Thankfully, they found their way back home and into the home through the pet door before the water had risen too high. They went to the loft area and made it through. Go Kitty cats, go! The joy in Susan felt at the safety of her animals was coupled with the devastating loss of almost all her personal possessions as well as the dream home that she had invested most of her life savings in only a year before.

     As I have watched Susan navigate her way through this situation, the one thing that has stood out is, the joy of the Lord is her strength. She has continued to trust Him in all things while seeing all her circumstances through the lens of His perspective. 

     It is a privilege for myself and Jump N Jax to have a woman of character like Susan Baldwin, as the Helping Hands recipient for our Spring 2018 Sale.

     All proceeds from the entrance fee of $5 to the Helping Hands Pre Sale on Wednesday, March 7 goes to Susan Baldwin.

All proceeds from the $5 entrance fee to Half Price Sunday goes to Susan Baldwin.

All proceeds from Dollar Dash on Tuesday will go to Susan Baldwin, also.

Please come and participate AND receive in return, the opportunity to shop early, before the public. We will have a collection jar for those that want to contribute directly to Susan Baldwin.

God bless you for your generous heart and spirit that hears a call for help and answers it. Even if it's not our recipient, listen to God and He will direct you to give your own HELPING HAND to someone who needs an example of God's love in their life.