What is Jump N Jax Kids Consignment Sale? 

      Our sales are twice-yearly events held in the Spring and Fall. Each sale is open to the public between 3 & 7 days. Consignors (like you!) bring gently-used infant and children’s items and make money from selling them. Shoppers (like you!) get to pay less for quality items they need for their children now.

Get paid to clean out your closets, playrooms and garage! You’ll find our seasonal consignment sale is a great way to make money with a lot less work than Facebook Swip Swap, garage sales, eBay, Craigslist, or even traditional consignment stores. We take care of renting the building and advertising and organizing the event. You just drop off your kids’ items, we sell them and then give you a check! You set the price for your own items, you decide if you want your items sold at half-price on the last day of the sale, and you earn up to 65% of each item’s selling price.

We use a bar-coding system that makes the tagging and selling process fast and easy for you. Not only will you be able to tag your items quickly, you will be able to track your sales from home during the sale and see how much money you have made! Checks are mailed within 7 business days of the sale. If you want to cut down on your work even more check out our tagging service and/or valet check in.   

How is selling with Jump N Jax  better than the "old way" ?

  • No more no shows with Buy/Sell/Trade groups.

  • Earn more money than at a traditional consignment store AND you set the price.

  • No more yard sale negotiations.

  • Driving all over town trying to find the right look, size, price……ugh!

  • Why sell one item at a time when you can sell it all, in one place, over one week, and with one big check?

  • No more garage/yard sales where someone wants to give you .50 cents for a shirt that retailed for $15.00. (you sell it anyway just to get it out of your house.) and weather is never a factor

  • We get the shoppers in that are going to appreciate your quality used items.

                                        Review these instructions for                                              acceptable items, prepping,                                              tagging and check in tips.